Crystals Materials
Nd:YAG Crystals application for laser cosmetic medicine and laser measures
  • Size: Upon customer request
  • Nd3+ Concentration: 0.1- 2.5(+/-0.1)atm%
  • Length: 3 ~ 150mm
  • Surface Quality: 10/5 Scratch/Dig MIL-O-1380A
  • Parallelism: < 10″
  • Perpendicularity: < 5'
  • Clear Aperture: > 90%
  • Surface Flatness: < λ/10 @ 632.8 nm
  • Coating: AR/HR/PR coating upon customer's request
  • Quality Warranty Period: One year
  • Nd:YAG crystal is the most widely used solid state laser crystal. Nd:YAG laser crystal are wildly used in all types of solid-state laser systems-frequency-doubled continuous wave, high-energy Q-switched, and so forth. Its good fluorescent lifetime thermal conductivity and physical strengths makes it suitable for high power lamp pumped laser.

    Nd:YAG crystal are widely employed in laser medical surgery, such as laser surgery and dermatology. Nd:YAG crystal are employed for procedures like eye surgeries (e.g., LASIK), treating skin conditions (e.g., tattoo removal, hair removal), and various other dental surgical due to high gain, low threshold, high efficiency.

    Specifications of Nd:YAG Crystal
    Material Nd3+:Y3Al5O12
    Doping 0.1 ~ 2.5atm%
    Size 3 mm ~ 150 mm or Upon customer request
    Dimension Tolerances ±0.05 mm
    Surface Quality 10/5 S/D
    Parallelism < 10 arcsec
    Perpendicularity < 5 arcmin
    Clear Aperture > 90%
    Wavefront Distortion λ/10 @ 633 nm
    Surface Flatness < λ/10 @ 632.8 nm
    Chamfer < 0.1 mm @ 45°
    Coating AR/HR/PR coating upon customer's request
    Damage Threshold 750mW/cm2 at 1064 nm, TEM00, 10 ns, 10Hz
    Physical and chemical properties
    Chemical Formula Nd3+:Y3Al5O12
    Crystal Structure Cubic
    Lattice Constant 12.01Å
    Density 4.5g/cm3
    Melting Point 1970°C
    Thermal Conductivity (W/m/k@25°C) 0.14 W
    Specific Heat/(J/g/K) 0.59
    Rupture Stress 1.3-2.6*103 kg/cm2
    Mohs Hardness 8.5
    Young's Modulus/GPa 317
    Shear Modulus/Gpa 54.66
    Extinction Ratio 25 dB
    Poisson Ratio 0.25
    Optical properties
    Laser Transition 4F3/2 →> 4I11/2
    Photon Energy 1.86 x 10-19J
    Laser Transition Wavelength, λl 1064 nm
    Pump Transition Wavelength, λp 808 nm
    Pump Transition Bandwidth, Δλp < 4 nm
    Laser Transition Bandwidth, Δλl ~0.6 nm
    Pump Transition Peak Cross Section, σp(E-20 cm2) 6.7
    Laser Transition Peak Cross Section, σl(E-20 cm2) 28
    Upper Laser Manifold Lifetime, τ(msec) 0.26
    Quantum Defect Fraction 0.24
    Fractional Heat Generation 0.37
    Refractive Index 1.8197 @1.064 µm
    Fluorescence Lifetime 230 µs
    Nd3+:YAG Laser Crystals Absorption and Emission

    Stock specification list

    If need other specifications and quantities products, please contact us(
    Part Number Face size Length Doping, atm.% Coating
    Nd-YAG-001 Φ3.0 mm 60.0 mm 0.8 AR/AR@1064 nm
    Nd-YAG-002 Φ9.0 mm 150.0 mm 0.8 AR/AR@1064 nm
    Nd-YAG-003 3.0*3.0 mm 2.0 mm 1.1 HR@1064 nm + HT@808 nm/AR@1064 nm
    Nd-YAG-004 3.0*3.0 mm 5.0 mm 1.1 HR@1064 nm + HT@808 nm/AR@1064 nm


  • Anti-reflection coatings are available at your specified wavelength.
  • Be sure to wear laser safety goggles when checking optical path and adjusting optical axis.
  • To inquiry or order a finished Nd:YAG laser rod, please specify the specification listed above, for common application, we only need to know the main specification: Nd-dopant concentration, sizes, and coating. For special request, please specify specification in details for evaluation and fabrication.
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