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Cr:GSGG Crystal for laser rangefinders, LIDAR, and LIBS systems applications
  • Passively Q-switched lasers for laser rangefinders, LIDAR, and LIBS systems
  • Laser systems where short pulses are required
  • Surface Quality: 10/5 Scratch/Dig MIL-O-1380A
  • Parallelism: < 10″
  • Perpendicularity: < 5'
  • Clear Aperture: > 90%
  • Surface Flatness: < λ/10 @ 632.8 nm
  • Coating: AR/HR/PR coating upon customer's request
  • Quality Warranty Period: One year
  • Passive Q-switched ruby lasers were achieved with saturable dye absorbers and colored glass (compounds of selenium and cadmium sulfide). Recently the operational characteristics of a dye Q-switch for a pulsed ruby laser was still studied for application in underwater holography. However, the dye Q-switch was limited in durability because of degradation (decomposition) of the dyes and the glass Q-switch was readily damaged. Thus, the tetravalent chromium doped gadolinium scandium gallium garnet Gd3Sc2Ga3O12(Cr4+:GSGG) passive Q-switch ruby laser-offers for the first time high reliability, durability and high efficiency.

    Specifications of Cr:GSGG Crystal
    Property Value
    Orientation [100] or [111] < ±0.5°
    Doping Concentration of Co2+ 0.01-0.3 atm%
    Wavefront Distortion <λ/8 @ 632.8 nm
    Thickness/Diameter Tolerance ±0.05 mm
    Surface Flatness <λ/10 @ 633 nm
    Wavefront Distortion <λ/8 @ 632.8 nm
    Surface Quality 10/5 per MIL-O-13830A
    Parallelism < 10 arcsec
    Perpendicularity 10 arcmin
    Clear Aperture > 90%
    Chamfer < 0.2 mm @ 45°
    Coating AR/AR @ 1540 nm, R < 0.2%; AR/AR @ 1340 nm, R < 0.2%
    Physical and chemical properties
    Property Value
    Density (g*cm^-3) 6.495
    Heat capacity (J*g^-1*K^-1) 0.4029
    Thermal conductivity (W*m^-1*K^-1) 6
    Thermal expansion (10^-6 K^-1) 7.5
    Poisson’s ratio 0.28
    Young’s modulus (GPa) 210
    Fracture toughness (MPa) 1.2
    Thermal- stress resistance (W*m^-1) 660
    Optical properties
    Property Value
    Refractive index at 1064 nm 1.9424
    Index change with temperature, dn/dt (10^-6 K^-1) 10.9
    Elasto-optic constants
    P11 -0.012 ± 0.003
    P12 0.019 ± 0.003
    P44 -0.0665 ± 0.0013

    Stock specification list

    If need other specifications and quantities products, please contact us(
    Part Number Face size Initial Transmission @1064 nm Coating
    Cr-GSGG-001 3.0*3.0 mm T0=80%~95% AR/AR@1535 nm


  • Anti-reflection coatings are available at your specified wavelength.
  • Be sure to wear laser safety goggles when checking optical path and adjusting optical axis.
  • To inquiry or order a finished Cr:GSGG laser rod, please specify the specification listed above, for common application, we only need to know the main specification: Cr-dopant concentration, sizes, and coating. For special request, please specify specification in details for evaluation and fabrication.
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