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BBO Crystal for aerospace, medical, and industrial applications
  • Wide transparency region
  • Broad Type 1 and Type 2
  • Non-critical phase-matching (NCPM) range
  • Small walk-off angle
  • High damage threshold
  • Wide acceptance angle
  • High optical homogeneity
  • β-BBO crystal (Beta barium borate) is one of the best non-linear optical crystals with high effective nonlinear optical coefficient, high damage threshold, wide phase matching range and high deep UV transmittance.

    BBO crystal is a negative uniaxial crystal, and its o-ray refractive index (no) is larger than the e-ray (ne) refractive index.

    Specifications of BBO Crystal
    Thickness/Diameter Tolerance ±0.05 mm
    Orientation Tolerence < 0.5°
    Size 3 mm ~ 150 mm or Upon customer request
    Dimension Tolerances ±0.05 mm
    Surface Quality 10/5 S/D per MIL-O-13830A
    Parallelism < 10 arcsec
    Perpendicularity < 5 arcmin
    Clear Aperture > 90%
    Wavefront Distortion λ/8 @ 633 nm
    Surface Flatness < λ/8 @ 632.8 nm
    Chamfer < 0.1 mm @ 45°
    Coating AR/HR/PR coating upon customer's request
    Physical and chemical properties
    Chemical Formula BaB2O4
    Crystal Structure Trigonal, Space Group R3c
    Lattice Constant a=b=12.532Å, c=12.717Å, Z=6
    Density 3.85 g/cm3
    Melting Point About 1095℃
    Thermal Conductivity (W/m/k@25°C) ⊥c: 1.2 W/m/K; //c: 1.6 W/m/K
    Thermal Expansion Coefficients α11=4 x 10-6/K; α33=36x 10-6/K
    Hardness (Mohs) 4
    Birefringence negative uniaxial
    Optical and Nonlinear properties
    Transparency Range 190 nm - 3500 nm
    SHG Phase Matchable Range 409.6 nm - 3500 nm (Type I),
    525 nm - 3500 nm (Type II)
    Therm-optic Coefficient (/℃, λ in μm) dno/dT=-16.6x 10-6/℃,
    dne/dT=-9.3x 10-6/℃
    Absorption Coefficients < 0.1%/cm(@1064 nm),
    <1%/cm(@532 nm)
    Angle Acceptance 0.8 mrad·cm (θ, Type I, 1064 SHG);
    1.27 mrad·cm (θ, Type II, 1064 SHG)
    Temperature Acceptance 55℃·cm
    Spectral Acceptance 1.1 nm·cm
    Walk-off Angle 2.7° (Type I 1064 SHG);
    3.2° (Type II 1064 SHG)
    NLO Coefficients deff(I)=d31sinθ+(d11cos3Φ- d22 sin3Φ) cosθq;
    deff (II)= (d11 sin3Φ + d22 cos3Φ) cos2θ
    Sellmeier Equations (λ in μm) no2=2.7359+0.01878/(λ2-0.01822)-0.01354λ2;
    Electro-optic coefficients γ22 = 2.7 pm/V
    Half-wave voltage 7 KV (@1064 nm, 3x3x20 mm3)
    Resistivity >1011 ohm·cm

    Stock specification list

    If need other specifications and quantities products, please contact us(
    Part Number Size Theta, θ Phi, φ Coating S1/S2 Application
    BBO-Cry-001 10x10x0.1 mm 29.2 90 AR@400-800/400-800 nm SHG@800 nm
    BBO-Cry-002 6x6x0.1 mm 44.3 90 AR@400-800/266 nm SHG@800 nm
    BBO-Cry-003 6x6x1 mm 22.0 0 AR@515 nm OPA
    BBO-Cry-004 6x6x1.0 mm 44.3 90 AR@400-800/266 nm THG@800 nm
    BBO-Cry-005 6x6x1.0 mm 47.6 90 AR@532/266 nm SHG@532nm


  • AR/HR/PR coatings are available at your specified wavelength.
  • Be sure to wear laser safety goggles when checking optical path and adjusting optical axis.
  • BBO is relatively soft and therefore requires precautions to protect its polished surfaces.
  • When angle adjusting is necessary, keep in mind that the acceptance angle of BBO is small.
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